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2023-10-15 Streamline Customer Follow-up Emails with Labii's Process Management2023-07-23 The Importance of ELN in Academic Research: Lessons from Stanford President's Resignation2022-08-02 Avoid Research Fraud By Publishing Raw Scientific Data With Labii Electronic Lab Notebook2022-03-13 What Should You Expect To Pay For An Electronic Lab Notebook2020-02-06 Labii ELN & LIMS Facilitates Infectious Disease Research2019-12-13 What Should You Do When Your Scientists Don't Keep Their Lab Notebooks Updated?2018-10-23 Recent Scientific Fraud In Cardiac Stem Cell Research, How Labii ELN & LIMS Can Help Avoi2018-10-22 4 Steps To Pick An Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) That’s Perfect For You2018-08-01 Prevent And Effectively Stop Vaccine Crisis With Labii ELN & LIMS2018-06-21 Alternative Solutions To Top 3 Barriers When Switching From Paper To ELN2018-02-24 Resolve R&D Bottleneck With Labii ELN & LIMS2018-01-18 3 Reasons An ELN & LIMS Is Difficult To Meet The Diversity Of Researchers' Interests2017-08-10 5 Reasons Why You Are Taking Bad Lab Notes2017-05-15 Here Is Why You Should Never Use Open Source Electronic Lab Notebook2017-05-04 Increate Competitive Advantage In Biotech With Labii Electronic Lab Notebook2016-09-16 Labii Helps Dr Haoquan Wu From TTU Health Sciences Center Published A New Article2016-06-23 A Better Approach For An Incentive Based Approach For Improving Data Reproducibility2016-06-21 Secrets And Lies Faked Data And Lack Of Transparency Plague Global Drug Manufacturing2015-07-18 First Research Paper Published Facilitated By Labii2015-01-22 It Is Time For Labs To Go Digital

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