2017-05-15 Here Is Why You Should Never Use Open Source Electronic Lab Notebook


Scientists love open source. They write the code, publish it, and allow anyone from the world to contribute. As such, a free and open source Electronic Lab Notebook - sciNote emerged and quickly gained popularity because it was free and easy to access. Open source works everywhere but not with electronic lab notebook. You should NEVER use open source Electronic Lab Notebook 1) if you highly value your research results and intellectual property; 2) if you are concerned with the security of your data. Electronic Lab Notebook to scientists is like the steel safe to bankers, they both store the most valuable items. If you were the banker, will you feel comfortable knowing that your steel safe is open source, with anyone being able to access the design of the lock? No, never. It is the same with scientists, it is not safe to store your valuable data in an open source electronic lab notebook. Unfortunately, open-source can never co-exist with security. Hackers can pore over the code, looking for security loopholes that allow them to take control of your data by exploiting any platform or script weaknesses. This is a frightening and inevitable scenario that could easily happen to you. The cost is too great and could severely compromise the integrity of your work especially if you are part of a large pharmaceutical company. The thought of losing your secrets to the hands of your competitors can severely injure your credibility, not to mention have a severely negative impact on your company financially. Labii ELN & LIMS places the security of your data first and foremost. Our source code is only available to our employees with its distribution highly controlled and monitored. We do not disclose our design algorithm to any third parties (Unless partners with a contractor). For the best of reasons and for your own safety, you should NEVER use open source Electronic Lab Notebook. Yonggan Wu

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