2020-11-22 Labii ELN & LIMS Opens A New Data Center In Europe


Labii Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) and Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is announcing to their European clients the opening of the new and exclusive database server based in Europe. Besides the already existing data servers: The private data server in California in the US; one of the best intercontinental network connectivity in North America and the main and private data center for MBC BioLabs in Northern Virginia in the US, the world’s leading data center market, where up to 70% of the global internet traffic flows through daily. Due to its fibers’ density, powerful infrastructure, and secure environment. The European data server is now located in Ireland, Europe, and the website is available at https://eu.labii.app.

One of the major factors to take into consideration when dealing with data is the website hosting provider. As a matter of fact; the location of the data server affects the speed; the closer the server is located, the faster data is loaded. and boasts the Searching Engine Optimization (SEO) of locally hosted websites reaching the targeted public. As a matter of fact; the country-specific versions of Amazon and Google websites have an average of 15 % more performance than the global website.

Another important point is that different countries deploy different legislation and regulations with regard to information security. As in some European countries where authorities can make legitimate requests to access any specific data. That’s where Labii electronic notebook comes in. Labii follows the law of the local government and will create a data server with high stable connectivity in your country to keep your data safe. We can also create a private data center dedicated to your own company where only the staff members have access to it.

Moreover, Data is one of the most important and vital aspects of any company that uses technology to create, collect, and store their data. That is why protecting companies’ shared IT from external and internal threats is crucial for the functioning and the integrity of the enterprise. Labii ELN & LIMS keeps your data secure on both the physical and technological aspects by ensuring an optimized and flexible data center’s infrastructure, protection environment and disaster recovery, data masking and access control, encryption and tokenization...etc.

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