2018-06-13 Introducing The Design Of Labii ELN & LIMS


  1. This video will introduce the concept of Labii ELN & LIMS.

  2. Labii organizes all the data you want to store as Tables. For example, experiment notes can be stored into Experiment Note table. New tables can be created to store other types of data, like plasmids or cell lines.

  3. Inside a table, the data record is organized like an Excel. Each row represents a record, each column represents the attribute of the record. The number and type of columns can be customized to match your organization's need.

  4. Each record has a detail view. You can add whatever kind of data to the detail view. Each set of data is a section. The section can be the steps of a procedure, or the pictures of a result.

  5. Each section is a combination of data and a set of function. The function is called Widget at Labii. For example, the overview section has text to describe the purpose of the experiment, the text is the data, the text editor is the widget. Labii provides varieties of widgets for you to choose.

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