2022-07-14 Table List View Vs Project List View In Labii ELN & LIMS


What is list view?

A list-view control displays a collection of records with item text and, optionally, an icon to identify its type. The list view allows you to browse a list of items quickly.

The list view in Labii also provides a number of methods that can be used to limit the results and narrow them down further. By using the search function, you can find items that match the terms that you provide in a specific order. Using the advanced search feature, you will also be able to narrow down the results based on one or more specific fields that you specify.

Labii also offers filters that can be used to narrow down the list of results in a matter of seconds. Labii comes with predefined filters that are the most commonly used. Among these predefined filters are:

  • All records.

  • Active records (default).

  • Archived records.

  • My records.

  • My unsigned records. All records requiring your signature, whether you are the author or witness.

  • Record templates. A list of records that have been set as templates.

Custom filters can also be created based on your specific needs. Choose create filter from the filters dropdown, provide queries for the filter, and click submit. Customers' filters will appear in the filters dropdown for quick selection. It is also possible to select and save default filters. When the list view is opened, the default filters will be applied automatically.

What is table list view?

The list view is available for table-specific data. One type of data can be viewed in the table list view. An example would be a list of notes for an electronic lab notebook. By clicking on a table from the side menu, you can access the table list view.

Columns included in the table list view are the name, custom columns, projects, and owners. You can also view data specific to a project using project-specific filters.

What is the project list view?

The project list view lets you view records for a particular project. Using the project list view, you can view records from all tables, as well as sub-projects. The project list view can be accessed by clicking on the project in the side menu.

In the project list view, there are columns for icon, name, type, owner, and date updated. By selecting a table from the table filters, you can also limit one type of data.

When to use the table list view and when to use the project list view?

The table list view displays data specific to a table, while the project list view displays data specific to a project. You can switch between them according to your needs.

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