2020-11-03 Chemical Registration With Labii ELN & LIMS


In the fast-paced world of laboratories, whether you're involved in pharmaceutical research, food safety testing, or biochemical experiments, one thing remains constant: the need for precise chemical registration and management. Keeping track of bioactive substances, drugs, and chemical compounds is not just a best practice; it's an essential component of maintaining a streamlined workflow and ensuring the integrity of your research. With the advent of Labii's chemical registration system, managing, organizing, and tracking chemical compounds has never been easier or more efficient.

The Challenge of Traditional Chemical Inventory Systems

In the not-so-distant past, laboratories relied on classic chemical inventories and registers, often recorded in paper notebooks or cumbersome Excel spreadsheets. These manual systems allowed you to list the chemicals used in your lab and provide some basic information about them. However, they fell short when it came to real-time updates, tracking availability, and managing chemical data as experiments progressed.

Consider the challenges posed during critical situations like the COVID-19 pandemic, where laboratories worldwide were racing to develop vaccines and antiviral medications. In such high-pressure scenarios, knowing precisely where chemicals were stored, understanding their safety measures, and accessing toxicity information were not just beneficial—they were imperative. The traditional methods of visual scanning and manual labeling proved costly, time-consuming, and potentially life-threatening, especially when dealing with hazardous compounds requiring specific storage conditions, such as flammable safety cabinets.

Labii: A Solution Tailored to Your Chemical Management Needs

Today, innovative companies like Labii have developed dedicated chemical registration software that redefines the way laboratories manage their chemical inventory. Labii's Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) and Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) offer an all-in-one solution to create a comprehensive chemical register with an efficient tracking system. Here's how Labii's system can revolutionize your chemical management:

  1. Effortless Chemical Information Retrieval. Labii offers a user-friendly set of features that make accessing vital chemical information a breeze, simplifying the way laboratories operate. Through its advanced setup, Labii automates the retrieval of crucial details like synonyms, CAS numbers, molecular formulas, molecular weights, and chemical structures. This impressive functionality not only speeds up the research and experimentation process but also guarantees precision and uniformity in the handling of chemical data. Consequently, Labii stands out as an invaluable tool for researchers and scientists across a wide range of disciplines.

  2. Diverse Array of Widgets for Sketching Chemical Structures. Labii elevates the art of chemical structure drawing to a whole new level by providing a versatile array of widgets that enhance your research capabilities. These widgets are not only compatible with all major chemical structure formats but also come equipped with artificial intelligence features, making it effortless to create and edit chemical structures directly from chemical names or CAS numbers. Whether you're meticulously crafting complex molecular diagrams or rapidly generating structures from textual inputs, Labii's chemical structure drawing widgets offer an intuitive and efficient solution that transforms the way you interact with chemical data.

  3. Stay Compliant and Safe with Labii's Comprehensive Chemical Safety Records. Labii introduces a robust Chemical Safety Information feature, making the task of managing safety data a breeze. It effortlessly enables you to document hazard statements, precautions, hazard categories, and GHS labels. Labii empowers you to maintain thorough records of chemical safety information, thereby ensuring a safer and more compliant laboratory environment.

  4. Elevate Chemical Safety in Your Lab. Labii provides a comprehensive solution for storing and retrieving Chemical Safety Data Sheets (SDS). Within Labii, users can seamlessly handle and categorize SDS for the chemicals utilized in their research or industrial operations. This functionality simplifies the process of uploading, indexing, and accessing critical safety information, guaranteeing that laboratory staff can swiftly and securely obtain essential data regarding chemical hazards, handling guidelines, emergency protocols, and compliance details.

  5. Efficient Molecular Data Exploration with Labii's Chemical Structure Functions. Labii's chemical structure capabilities empower users to effectively delve into molecular data. Through substructure search, it can pinpoint specific chemical patterns within complex molecules, facilitating the identification of compounds. Meanwhile, similarity search employs advanced algorithms to compare structural attributes, assisting scientists in locating compounds with similar features. These functionalities offer a valuable resource to researchers in drug discovery, material science, and chemical research, simplifying the process of molecular exploration and knowledge retrieval.

  6. Simplify Chemical Stock Management with Labii's Inventory Tracking. Labii's chemical storage feature brings a groundbreaking transformation to laboratory inventory management. It revolutionizes the way you track, arrange, and protect your chemicals. This tool streamlines the cataloging process, keeps a vigilant eye on quantities, and bolsters safety measures and compliance protocols, all of which contribute to the seamless and secure functioning of your laboratory operations.

How to use Labii chemical registration

Using Labii's chemical registration feature is a straightforward process. To begin, ensure that you have installed the Chemical Registration application. Once it's installed, you can simply click on the "Add chemical" button to create a new chemical entry. Labii's system will automatically populate all the relevant chemical information.

If you need to make changes to the chemical structure, you can do so by clicking on the respective sections and utilizing the integrated chemical drawing widget. Additionally, you have the option to upload Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for convenient tracking and reference. Learn more at here.


In today's fast-paced research environment, efficient chemical data management is crucial for the success of any laboratory. Labii's Chemical Registration offers a comprehensive solution to streamline the entire chemical lifecycle, from procurement to disposal. By embracing this innovative platform, your lab can enhance its productivity, accuracy, and compliance, ultimately accelerating the pace of discovery and innovation. Take the first step toward transforming your chemical data management with Labii's Chemical Registration today!

To learn more, schedule a meeting with Labii representatives (https://call.skd.labii.com) or create an account (https://www.labii.com/signup/) to try it out yourself.

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