2015-01-22 It Is Time For Labs To Go Digital


"It's time for labs to go digital" said by Chris Tachibana, in one of his articles published in Science, titled with The Paperless Lab. In his article, he listed a few websites or software that might be suitable for labs to go digital, but none of them are professionally designed for researchers. He said, "Researchers are still slow adopters, though, particularly at universities." I do not agree with that. This is more like a question "Which Came First, The Chicken Or The Egg?" Most of the innovations were developed in the universities and then go to the industry. The researchers are eager to adopted new methods or tools that are able to increase their efficiency twice or more times. I think the labs that do not go digital is not because the researchers are slow adopters, but because there are not any mutual tools or platforms for them to do so. Most of the so-called electronic laboratory notebooks (ELNs) are no more than a notebook or word document. The people who develop the tools do not understand how does research works, and the researchers who badly need these tools do not know how to code.

Labii team knows the problem and has interviewed >300 academic labs and biotech companies. We are dedicated to helping labs to digital.

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