2020-08-08 What's New With Labii ELN & LIMS Version 4


Labii Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) and Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is proud to release a new version of our software in May 2020 to continue providing user-friendly, customizable ELN & LIMS software to researchers worldwide.

General updates

Version 4.0 now boasts greater usability. We resolved several bugs present in previous versions and updated loading speeds so the entire platform is faster. What this means for you: fewer hiccups and delays while utilizing the platform.

Other updates

Labii made a number of other updates to the platform that enhance usability, improve existing functions, and provide a centralized location for scheduling and planning.

Smarter forms - We have redesigned the form functions to make it more interactive. Now users will get a real-time error message, and users cannot submit forms unless all fields are complete.

Add section - The interface for adding sections has been improved, so there are fewer clicks to get to the widget you need.

Files widget - Files widget has been updated to allow the user to hide the metadata or preview as needed. We also updated the uploading function with a real-time progress bar.

Signature widget - The signature function now has a drawing functionality that is compatible with iPads or other touch-screen devices.

PDF viewing - Labii improved the PDF viewing function so you can preview different pages prior to downloading.

Search function - The search function is more user-friendly. Keywords from a search are now highlighted in the search results.

Calendar and scheduling - Viewing and scheduling who is working in the lab are now easier than ever. Use the calendar and scheduling functions to add/view time in the lab or on a specific piece of equipment for each user.

Activity tracking - Activities can now be viewed day by day, so the user can see exactly which activities occurred when. We’ve also improved the timer function so you can add more than one timer to an activity or experiment.

Workflows widget - Workflows are now more interactive with greater functionality. Individual activities are now clickable to indicate whether they are complete or incomplete, and users can now use multiple workflows per experiment.

Wells widget - We have updated the layout of the Well widget to make it more similar to the actual plate.

If you want to learn more about how Labii ELN & LIMS can work for you, schedule a demo today at https://schedule.labii.com.

Natalie Burger

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