2018-12-19 Enhance Your Labii Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) And LIMS


Labii Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) and Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) software provide an integrated single solution for your laboratory needs. Labii offers a broad range of user-configurable functionalities which are based on open standards. By open standards, it means the application is compatible with your existing computing platform and it can also be adapted to any future developments. Labii software provides the right solutions to your present laboratory needs and can be modified to meet any changes in your business needs. With Labii ELN and LIMS you will be able to conveniently manage your research goal. You’ll also be able to categorize each experiment note according to your research goal. For the yearly review, Labii application makes it easy to carry out review all that you did the previous and current years. It also enables you to input your plans for the coming year. Please check Labii documentation about Goal management for the details on how to manage your ELN and LIMS with goals.

Why you should choose Labii ELN & LIMS

Labii helps scientists from biotech and pharmaceutical companies document, manage, and interpret research data with Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) and Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). It offers the following benefits: • Reduced costs and improved efficiency • Improved transparency to lab work status • It is flexible, it can accommodate new requirements • Improves the quality and compliance of your work

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