2024-04-14 Streamline Your Sample Testing Workflow with Labii LIMS for Sample Testing

Labii LIMS for Sample Testing is an advanced platform meticulously crafted to facilitate seamless tracking of testing services provided to customers.


In today's world, where quality control and accurate analysis are paramount, sample testing plays a crucial role across various industries. Whether it's ensuring product quality, conducting research, or meeting regulatory requirements, efficient sample testing is essential. However, managing the multitude of data associated with sample testing can be overwhelming without the right tools. This is where Labii LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) steps in, offering a comprehensive solution to streamline your sample testing processes.

Introduction to Sample Testing

Sample testing involves the analysis and evaluation of samples to gather data, make decisions, or validate processes. It encompasses a wide range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, environmental science, and more. From raw material analysis to product quality assurance, sample testing ensures that products meet specified standards and regulations.

Labii LIMS for Sample Testing: A Comprehensive Solution

Labii LIMS for Sample Testing is a robust tool designed to document all data related to sample testing while seamlessly integrating with other Labii applications. From customer information in Labii CRM to testing experiments in Labii ELN, this LIMS connects all necessary components of your laboratory workflow.

Integration with Labii CRM

Labii LIMS integrates seamlessly with Labii CRM, allowing you to manage all customer information efficiently. By linking customer details with testing records, you can track orders, contracts, and account information effortlessly.

Integration with Labii Inventory Management

Managing samples throughout the testing process is simplified with Labii LIMS's integration with Labii Inventory Management. From receiving samples from customers to documenting storage locations and tracking sample movement using barcodes, this integration ensures smooth sample handling.

Integration with Labii ELN

Documenting experimental results is made easy with Labii LIMS's integration with Labii ELN. You can record all testing experiments and data, ensuring traceability and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Streamlined Testing Workflow

Labii LIMS for Sample Testing offers a predefined testing workflow, making it intuitive and easy to use. Here are the steps involved in conducting sample testing:

  1. Check if accounts and contracts exist in CRM. If not, create them.

  2. Place an order for the account if it doesn't already exist.

  3. Generate a new test for the order.

  4. Record sample receipt to receive samples from the customer and check them into inventory.

  5. Conduct testing experiments according to specified steps.

  6. Perform data analysis experiments.

  7. Carry out quality control checks by creating QC records.

  8. Prepare a report based on the findings.

  9. Send out the report to relevant parties.

  10. Dispose of samples as per customer's instructions.


Labii LIMS for Sample Testing is a powerful and flexible solution for documenting all data related to your sample testing workflow. With its seamless integration with Labii CRM, Inventory Management, and ELN, along with a predesigned testing workflow, Labii LIMS simplifies the entire process, allowing you to focus on accurate analysis and decision-making. Whether you're in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, or environmental science industry, Labii LIMS empowers you to streamline your sample testing operations and achieve reliable results.

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