2021-06-12 Labii Added Files Importing Function For Chemical Drawing Widgets


Date: 2021-06-12 Version: v5.09 In this version, Labii has fixed a few bugs and updated many chemical-related widgets in electronic lab notes. Specifically:

Now files can be imported into chemical drawing widgets via drag and drop. Currently supported formats are: *.mol, *.sdf/*.sd, *.cml, *.inchi, *.smi/*.smiles. Please reach out to us to request other file types to be supported.

Labii will no longer support Marvin JS (Web Services) widget. Please use Marvin JS instead. You do not need to do anything, we have migrated the data for you.

ChemDoodle widget has been deprecated

ChemDoodle widget has been deprecated and it will not be available to use. If you are still interested to use ChemDoodle, please purchase a site license with ChemDoodle and we can make it available for you. All ChemDoodle widgets have been replaced with JSME Molecular Editor.

If you are using a Chemical Equation Balancer widget and need to load a reaction equation or molecular formula from a chemical drawing widget, you can select a section from the dropdown and the equation will be loaded automatically.

If you are using the Obabel widget and need to load input from a chemical drawing widget. You can pick a section from the dropdown and the data and format will be loaded automatically.

A Rating widget has been added to evaluate or assess something, in terms of quality, quantity, or some combination of both.

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