2017-05-04 Increate Competitive Advantage In Biotech With Labii Electronic Lab Notebook


Electronic lab notebook, also known as ELN, is not as popular as it supposed to be. On one hand, most available ELNs in the market suck. Literally, they are sucks. They are using technology from 10 years ago and are basically a rich-text editor plus a file manager. They add zero value to current scientific research. On the other hand, the scientists/researchers are not adventurers, they are unwilling to change the way they are doing in document research.

The electronic lab notebook is critical for biotech and pharmaceutical companies, especially in increasing competitive advantages. Giving two companies started at the same time and working in the similar area, with the same size and research ability, one company documents everything with an ELN and LIMS, the other goes with traditional paper lab notebook. What would happen to them after one year? The result is obvious: science is all about data. The company goes with ELN will have all experiment details documented, the data can be further used for statistical analysis and can suggest better solutions for new discoveries. On the other side, the company using the paper lab notebook, might be still struggling in searching a result they create months ago or figuring out the handwriting of other scientists. There is no way for the company with all data in the paper notebook to have deep insight. Technology brings progress and breakthrough. Usain Bolt is the fastest man on the earth, but he can never beat a running car.

What kind of electronic lab notebook is the "running car"? After interviewing hundreds of biotech companies and academic labs. I believe such electronic lab notebook should eliminate the time in documenting, able to manage the research data and further, interpret the research data. Labii ELN & LIMS is an electronic lab notebook designed in such way. Labii ELN & LIMS has recently integrated metadata syntax and enabled data documenting and key variable extractions at the same time. Labii is now leading the way in the electronic lab notebook and aiming to bring competitive advantage to your company.

By Yonggan Wu

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