2021-03-16 New Version V5.0 Released


Labii Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) and Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) just released a major release (v5.0) to redesign the email system with a new notification center. With this notification center, you 1) will receive Labii newsletter, 2) will receive Labii system emails, 3) can communicate with your team.

In Labii's electronic notebook, the notification center allows you to receive messages and to send messages between Labii and your colleagues.

The Notification Center is available at both Dashboard and Settings -> Notification. As a result of this new function, the Organization Announcement is removed and the administrators can use the Notification Center to send out the announcements.

Labii's notification message can be associated with any particular record. The Notification widget displays any message associated with the record. The previous Email widget has now be replaced with the Notification widget. Use this widget to manage and send notifications related to a record.

RichText is often needed in some use cases, such as the Steps widget. In order to enable users to type rich text, we have developed a RichText column widget.

Steps is a new widget designed to track the status of each step. User has the option to mark which step has been completed. The widget will also capture who and when does a step complete. The Steps widget has been updated to support the rich text.

Labii has extended the permission of project managers to be able to create sub-projects.

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