2015-11-03 Security Of Labii Electronic Lab Notebook


As Labii is growing rapidly, we’re changing daily and I’d love to tell you about our newest feature.

First, here’s a little background on your favorite topic, data security:

The idea of obfuscating, or encrypting data, has been around for quite a while. In 500-600 BC, Hebrew scribes writing down the book of Jeremiah used a reversed-alphabet simple substitution cipher known as ATBASH. Since then, and through the digital revolution, encryptions have become pretty complex. Current security standards vary quite widely from ssl to PGP but retain a few core values like keeping your identity (if you wish), communication, and most importantly your data, safe.

Unfortunately, the majority of other electronic notebooks don’t take data security very seriously and haven’t protected your research.

We however care...we really care. We have just implemented some serious security protocols to make your data safe...I mean really safe. Your data is safer than your money in the bank.We have designed and implemented a proprietary algorithm for your coveted research. To give you an idea of just how secure your data is, there are 128e+17 possibilities for each character and it will take 6.5e+36 years for the fastest computer in the world (Tianhe-2) to decrypt just one experimental note. All of your experimental information is heavily encrypted before being stored in our database meaning your raw and viewed data is unreadable without your specific personal information - make sure you keep it safe!

When logged into Labii, look to the green address bar in your browser; this ensures you that the communication pathway from your computer to our servers has EV SSL encryption, and your connection is safe.

As always, if you ever have any questions about us, our products, or just want someone to chat with, feel free to call or email anytime.

By Corbin Chase

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